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Our Story

- We have a story

Born out of a great passion for expression, art and storytelling, HiVa Atelier is the brainchild of Istanbul native, Dilara Ertan. Continuing Turkey’s centuries-old tradition of fine leather craftsmanship, now with a distinctly feminine twist, HiVa is a leather accessories brand committed to supporting local artisans and offering the highest quality products without compromise. Dilara draws inspiration from the vibrant culture, traditional architecture and natural landscape of her home city in the design of her distinct palettes and silhouettes – creating timeless pieces that perfectly compliment any look, any day, in any situation.

HiVa is acronym of Hikayemiz Var, which in Turkish translates to “we have a story” – a message that is central to the brand. Simply put, HiVa is on a mission to empower women to take ownership of their stories via versatile, classic accessories of the best quality that seamlessly and stylishly travel between worlds.


At heart, HiVa is a female-founded brand on a mission to amplify the stories and unique stylistic expression of women all over the world. We create timeless accessories to complement your purpose.